Outsourced CFO Services

Reliable Outsourced CFO Services

A flexible and affordable alternative for businesses that need access to high-level financial expertise but don't want to hire a full-time CFO

We offer the CFO outsourced support services on as-needed basis so you can get the support you need in a cost-effective manner, saving full time CFO and support staff salary. We are physically located in Washington DC metro area but we work in a cloud based paperless environment and are able to provide the above services anywhere in the United States. Our CPAs, Chartered Accountants, Global Management Accountants and other professional staff work both on-site and off-site, which positions us to immediately address any financial concerns our clients may have and help core management make critical decisions.

How do you know if your business needs a part-time CFO?


At Iternum Strategies, we understand there is no "one size fits all" in the business world. Financial challenges, big or small, simple and complex, are unique to every company and industry.

  • Your CEO is focused on running and growing the business and isn’t a financial expert.
  • You want to increase profitability and strengthen your financial condition but are unsure how.
  • The business is acquiring or merging with another company, or selling off a division.
  • You need to provide financial information to venture capital firms.
  • Your accounting systems and processes are out of date.

Because there's no one model for success, businesses require customized solutions.

Iternum Strategies offers a flexible and affordable alternative for businesses that need access to high-level financial expertise but don't want to hire a full-time CFO.

We are a passionate team of experienced, high-level professionals to provide the financial insights you need to meet the challenges you face. We can help owners, management, and board members solve financial management issues by providing unique industry-specific guidance.

Our CFO services practice works with companies across Industry verticals, types and sizes in delivering the CFO agenda. We take full charge of the company's CFO / Head of Finance and function as their Ongoing / Interim CFO.

Every one of our part-time CFO plans are customized for you, but here are some ways that we keep your company’s financials in order.

Our Approach

To begin with, we will meet with the key management personnel and the owners to understand their concerns, priorities, and expectations. This helps us design a plan and chalk out a course to effectively manage your financial information and your expectations.

Our bookkeeping solutions will give you a better comprehension of the budgetary side of your business so you can monitor costs and manage cash flow. We will also help you improve the financial bottom-line by reducing unnecessary expenses, develop a tax-saving strategy, minimize risks, and enhance internal controls.

With our assistance, your business will stay focused on critical business issues, remain on track financially and keep up the resources required for development, growth, and expansion. Our outsourced CFO services will guide your business to success.

Managing accounting and cash flow elements of a business is often overwhelming. Thus, business owners frequently do not have the time to appropriately assess and deal proactively with their financial situations. To address this issue, Iternum Strategies LLC, CPAs offers powerful solutions, including:

  • Timely processing of all financial transaction in the books, including payroll and vendor payments
  • Preparation of bank reconciliations
  • Preparation of accounts receivable and accounts payable aging analysis and reconciliations
  • Preparation of investment reconciliations and testing of portfolio fair market value
  • Preparation of monthly CFO package that includes various financial reports
  • Timely planning tax strategies to minimize the business and personal tax liability
  • Periodical planning and strategy meetings with management
  • Timely closing of books at year end and preparing schedules for an external audit
  • Coordinate with external auditors in our network for financial statement audits
  • Tracking various compliance requirements and preparing necessary financial reports
  • Assistance with government contract proposals
  • Assistance with financial software Implementation
  • Assistance with reviewing internal controls and documenting policies and procedures
  • Conducting internal business risk assessments
  • Assistance with bank financing and meetings
  • Assistance with liquidation via ESOP arrangements
  • Optional industry benchmarking and comparative analysis


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